TALENTED pupils at St Luke’s High got the chance to showcase their amazing coursework during the school’s end-of-year exhibition.

Parents and teachers were given the opportunity to look at pupils’ most outstanding work when they were invited along to St Luke’s Design and Technology Department. 

Guests were free to come and go during the week-long celebration at the Barrhead school. 
More than 20 parents visited during the course of the exhibition.

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Two S4 Graphic Communication pupils, Jennifer Lynagh and Aaron Daily, developed, staged and curated the exhibition.

Using the tools at their disposal, Jennifer and Aaron promoted the event using modern and traditional methods such as social media and school posters.

The exhibition included innovative ideas such as drinks bottle advertising, manufacturing designs for a camping chair and for unique headphone storage.

There were also several pieces of woodwork and metal work on display.

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Teacher Kevin Ormond told the Barrhead News: “It’s a celebration of a year’s hard work – all the pupils deserve every bit of credit for the hard work they put in.

“Every pupil deserves credit, not just the S4-S6 pupils in the photographs. I think the parents and teachers were very impressed by the whole display.

“Jennifer and Aaron also deserve huge praise for staging and curating the exhibition. Well done to everybody involved.”