CONCERNS have been raised over the “sorry state” of some Barrhead roundabouts.

Members of Barrhead Community Council highlighted the “eyesores” at their latest meeting, branding roundabouts at Allan’s Corner and Dovecothall as “horrible” due to the amount of litter and overgrown greenery.

Rosaleen Reilly, chair of Barrhead Community Council, said: “Every roundabout in Barrhead is in a terrible state. There are weeds, the greenery is overgrown and there is rubbish lying all over the place.

“It is an eyesore and it makes the town look really rundown.

“Someone has got to do something about it.”

Complaints about the roundabouts come hot on the heels of concerns raised by residents over the amount of litter on Barrhead’s streets.

Community activists called for action, claiming the town was “drowning” in litter such as discarded cans and plastic bottles, with areas such as Church Street and Victoria Road highlighted as hotspots.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told the Barrhead News: “The sights I see where I live on Victoria Road are a disgrace.

"Why can’t this mess be cleared? Along Church Road, at the corner of Main Street, the amount of litter there is awful.”

A council spokesperson said: “Many of our roundabouts have been enhanced through recent developer contributions and, should further contributions become available, we will assess where best to invest the funds.”

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