TWO privately-run care homes in East Renfrewshire were told to make improvements after concerns were raised by industry watchdogs.

Applecross Nursing Home, in Barrhead, and Westlea Care Home, in Neilston, were both criticised after being probed by the Care Inspectorate.

Experts who inspected Applecross, just off Glasgow Road, rated the home as “weak” for the care and support of residents, care planning and leadership.

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However, a spokeswoman for the home insisted improvements are already in place.

She said: “We have had some issues in the past with staffing but have been working really hard to improve our service because it means everything to us. 

“We have increased our staffing levels and increased training for our nurses and we are waiting for the Care Inspectorate coming in.”

Westlea, which is based in Donnies Brae and run by Third Life Care Ltd, was rated “weak” for care, support and wellbeing, as well as care support planning.

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One complaint was upheld or partially upheld by the Care Inspectorate from 2017/18.

A spokesman for Westlea said: “There was poor practice going on in the home but action has already been taken to address the issues raised by the Care Inspectorate.

“We are due to be inspected again in August.

“There are new national care standards in place that have set the bar much higher for care homes.

“You will generally find that care homes are receiving lower ratings because of the new national guidelines.

“We are graded under different categories, with subheadings. You can get three ‘5s’ and one ‘2’ but you are then graded as a ‘2.’ They don’t take an average. It’s quite onerous.”

A spokesman for the Care Inspectorate stressed that the majority of care homes providing services for older people “perform well.”

However, he added: “Where people experience care which does not meet the standard they have a right to expect, we can and do take swift action to improve them.

“We continue to work closely with all care services to support improvement so that everyone in Scotland can experience high-quality care and we will not hesitate to take action where it is needed.

“Anyone with a concern about a care service is encouraged to contact us, anonymously if required, on 0345 600 9527.”

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