BIRDS are raining down misery on residents in an East Renfrewshire village.

There have been complaints about crows congregating around an area known as ‘The Glen,’ in Uplawmoor, amid fears their droppings are a health and safety issue.

At the most recent meeting of Uplawmoor Community Council, there were calls for action to ease the problem.

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Rob Williams, community council chairman, told how one resident was hoping environmental health officers would get involved.

“The man, who lives close to The Glen, emailed us and told us that the noise, some days, is almost constant and can be louder at other times if the birds are spooked,” said Mr Williams.

“He has explained that he is going to contact the environmental health department at East Renfrewshire Council.”

Community councillor Ivy Cowan added: “What I would say is that this could be seasonal, especially with issues of fouling, because they will be nesting up in the trees.”

Other community councillors agreed that the number of crows in the area has increased, pointing to the possibility that seeds and bread left out on residents’ lawns are to blame.

A spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council said: “Under current legislation, unless the birds are acting aggressively or attacking people, our environmental health team are unable to assist, as it is currently nesting season, when birds are extremely protective of their young.

“However, if the birds were to abandon the nests later in the year, it would be possible to dismantle the nests and install proofing against them returning.”

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A spokeswoman for the RSPB added: “It is important to remember that wildlife lives alongside us and has a right to be here as much as we do.

“Many people wish to control crows in gardens, thinking they are a threat to small garden birds, but there is no scientific evidence that these species cause a conservation problem.

“If crows are causing a serious inconvenience, you can try to deter them, although there are no guaranteed methods.

“We would recommend tidying your garden to ensure it is clear of food and rubbish. Some people have also found that hanging up shiny objects may deter crows.”