EAST Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton has announced his support for Matt Hancock in the race to become the next Conservative leader.

Mr Hancock, who is Secretary of State for Health, is among 11 Conservative MPs to put themselves forward to succeed Theresa May, who steps down on Friday.

And Mr Masterton believes his “energy, optimism and clear, positive vision” are the qualities necessary to become Britain’s next Prime Minister and resolve the current parliamentary deadlock over Brexit.

“Since my election in 2017, I have got to know Matt very well and I fully believe he is the man to take us forward and deliver for the country,” said Mr Masterton.

“A committed defender of the Union, he is also skilled in enabling the next generation to have as much opportunity as the last.”

Mr Hancock was elected in 2010 and, since then, has risen through the Conservative ranks.
He serves as MP for West Suffolk and campaigned for Remain in the EU referendum but is now seen as an ally by Brexiteer ministers.

The former Bank of England economist said he is “delighted” to have Mr Masterton’s support in the leadership race.

He added: “Paul is one of the rising stars in the Conservative party and a great local MP for East Renfrewshire.

“Paul and I understand the imperative of delivering Brexit to prevent a Jeremy Corbyn government backed up by the SNP, who are hell bent on dividing our country further.

“We need to come together, turn the page and have a fresh start for our country. I believe I’m the candidate to deliver that.”

All 313 Conservative MPs will vote for their preferred candidate in a series of polls that will whittle down the contenders until just two remain.

A postal ballot of the wider Conservative party will then take place to determine the winner.

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