ROYAL Mail bosses have praised East Renfrewshire’s posties after targets for delivering first-class mail on time were met.

Figures for the 2018/19 financial year show that 93 per cent of this mail in the G postcode area, which includes East Renfrewshire, was delivered by the next working day.

This is equal to the annual regulatory target.

However, across the UK as a whole, Royal Mail missed its regulatory target for first-class mail, as it only delivered 91.5 per cent by the next working day.

For second-class mail, the company exceeded the annual regulatory target, delivering 98.6 per cent of these items within three working days.

Steve Selby, Royal Mail’s delivery director, said the organisation takes its Quality of Service requirements “extremely seriously.”

He added: “Our postmen and postwomen work very hard to deliver these demanding targets six days a week in all weather.

“We are committed to delivering high standards of service to all our customers.”

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