BARRHEAD’S first ever private hire taxi driver retired in 2009 after almost 30 years at the wheel.

In the early 1980s when Jimmy Carr began taking his saloon car out to pick up fares, the roads were littered with black hackneys.

But by 2009 that had changed and the majority of taxis in the area had become private hires. The 79-year-old had seen it all as a taxi driver and at the turn of the century Arthurlie Taxis was close to going into administration, but Jimmy and the other drivers dug deep to save the company becoming joint owners.

Jimmy told the News of his taxi experiences. 

He said: “I started off taxi-ing as a means to an end, I enjoyed it and it gave me a good living but there’s too many of them on the road now though.

“When I started off in 1983 the private hire taxis were just beginning in Scotland and I had the first one in Barrhead. 

“At that time fares were low but then they started going up, I have seen a lot of changes to Barrhead in my time as a taxi driver.

“The roads were good in those days but they have changed now and are far too busy, and you can’t get parked since they built that monstrosity on Main Street.

“I could write a book about the things I’ve seen in my taxi.

“I have seen young boys come into my car as babies and are now getting in as grown men with their own families.

“I would like to thank all the office staff who have treated me very well over the years.”

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