THERE was praise for well-known actor Henry Winkler a decade ago after he entertained youngsters at a Barrhead school.

Henry, who was touring the UK and Ireland to promote his latest children’s book, popped into St Mark’s Primary to tell pupils all about his own learning experiences, which were hampered by dyslexia.

He described how going to school in New York was incredibly hard for him because teachers did not know what dyslexia was in those days.

At the time, Henry – who played ‘The Fonz’ in hit American TV sitcom Happy Days – said: “I was in the bottom three academically. I was terrible at maths, English and science...but I was great at lunch.

“I could eat a tuna fish sandwich better than anyone else in my school.

“I discovered at the age of 31 that I had dyslexia. My brain is wired differently and I learn differently.

“I had to read my scripts very slowly when I was doing the TV show or a play.

“It was very hard for me, so I had to work much harder than everybody else.”

Gerard McLaughlin, headteacher at St Mark’s Primary, said it was a pleasure to meet Henry.

He added: “I think Henry was fantastic. He was very enthusiastic and encouraged the children. He had no problem whatsoever connecting with 250 children and the kids were in total awe of him.”

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