LICENSING conditions for private hire car drivers have been changed after a student was abandoned at a petrol station following a row over a soiling charge.

The driver, who works in East Renfrewshire, demanded money from the girl after claiming one of her group had vomited in his vehicle.

When the girl didn’t have £40, the driver took her to a cash machine and drove off. 

At the latest meeting of East Renfrewshire licensing chiefs, councillors agreed to add information on soiling charges to the conditions.

This reads: “Taxi and private hire operators (drivers) must not request payment of a soiling charge unless that payment has been discussed with and accepted by the passenger(s).

“In the event that soiling occurs, payment may be requested but, if the passenger(s) is/are unable to make payment, then arrangements must be made for payment to be collected at a later date. Under no circumstances are drivers allowed to prevent passengers leaving the vehicle.

“Drivers must not attempt to forcibly drive passengers to an ATM.”

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