MOTORISTS have been left fuming after their cars were vandalised while parked outside Barrhead train station.

Chloe Nisbet is among the victims whose vehicles have been ‘keyed’ in an act of mindless destruction.

The Barrhead woman had left her Citroen DS3 in the car park outside the station and was horrified to discover a sharp instrument had been used to leave large scratches on the bodywork when she returned from her trip to Glasgow.

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That incident took place last Thursday, with police confirming that similar vandalism happened a day earlier.

Chloe said: “Some empty head had keyed all down the side of my car at Barrhead station.

“I’m so angry. I’m going to have to pay for this out my own pocket because (of) some lowlife idiot. I honestly don’t know what is wrong with people.

“You think your car is safe somewhere like that [but] obviously not.

“It’s honestly shocking that it’s happening to so many people.”

A police spokesman told the Barrhead News another car was vandalised at the site sometime between 7.35am and 5.30pm on Wednesday, April 17.

He added: “The 47-year-old woman has parked at this car park for a number of years with no problems.

“Enquiries into this incident are ongoing.”

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Back in February, the Barrhead News reported that three vehicles had been keyed by callous vandals in Auburn Drive, in the Auchenback area of town.

And investigations were carried out around the same time following a spate of tyres being slashed.

A number of residents fell victim to their cars being deliberately vandalised by yobs, with one vehicle targeted in Langton Crescent and others being damaged in Patterton Drive and Blackburn Square.

East Renfrewshire Council, which owns the car park at Barrhead train station, is being urged to increase security at the site, with some commuters calling for CCTV cameras to be used as part of a crackdown on vandalism.

However, the council were unable to provide a comment on security at the car park when approached by the Barrhead News, insisting it was a matter for the police to deal with.