NEILSTON Mill was celebrated in a new book that shined a light on a fascinating aspect of local history.

‘Bobbins and Threads: Memories of Neilston Mill’ was launched at Neilston Library back in 2009.

East Renfrewshire Provost Alex Mackie had the honour of being presented with the first copy by 79-year-old Netta McDade, who had spent 22 years at the mill.

The new book was woven together by a group of former mill workers, with help on a voluntary basis from local residents with computing and publishing experience.

They included professional writer Susie Stewart, editor Patricia Chalmers, Bill Chalmers, who worked in publishing and book manufacture for over 40 years, and IT specialist Allan Chalmers.

Production of the book was very much a team effort by over 75 contributors and the team who collected the images, wrote the text and edited the final copy.

The book recalls memories of the Neilston Mill from the second half of the 20th century, including descriptions of the different departments and working conditions.

There are accounts too of the lively social activities that created an unusually successful merger of the earlier Industrial Revolution and traditional rural life within the village.

The project came together thanks to the Neilston Bobbins and Threads community group.

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