NEW research has revealed local residents face a postcode lottery when it comes to levels of air quality.

A study by shows the air quality in Renfrewshire is better than that in neighbouring East Renfrewshire, despite the former having a much lower average house price.

Using data from Breezometer’s live air quality map and the Land Registry, the private sale for homeowners site found Renfrewshire’s air quality rating was 81, which is deemed to be ‘excellent’ and ranks it as the sixth cleanest place to live in the UK.

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Meanwhile, East Renfrewshire was ranked as 95th in the UK, with an air quality rating of 77.

The average house price in Renfrewshire is £120,326, meaning homebuyers are paying just £1,486 per air quality point, making it one of the most affordable options for a foot on the ladder with the least air pollution.

East Renfrewshire’s average property price is £223,406, meaning homebuyers pay almost £3,000 per air quality point.

The research showed areas with an ‘excellent’ air quality rating of more than 80 had an average house price of £185,808.

The average price then starts to climb as the quality of air deteriorates.

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Paul Telford, of, said: “A correlation between high house prices and air pollution is to be expected, as higher demand for housing pushes up property values while bringing more people and cars.

“While the delivery of new properties remains vastly inadequate, it’s vital we consider all aspects, including air pollution, when planning and constructing homes and how this resulting increase in the local population can impact the environment.”

London is home to the worst mix of property values and air pollution, with a quality air score of just 38 and average house price of £472,230.