A FITNESS fanatic who has broken more than 600 world records has surpassed another by achieving the planet’s longest-ever static wall-sit.

William Cannon, from Barrhead, smashed his own record of a 12-hour wall-sit at Eastwood Park Leisure in Giffnock on Monday after sitting against a wall outside the venue for 12 hours, 45 minutes and 17 seconds.

The 51-year-old took on the charity challenge to raise money for DEBRA, which supports people with the genetic skin blistering condition Epidemolysis Bullosa (EB).

He decided to support the cause after his dad’s recent experience with skin cancer.

Mr Cannon said: “My father developed cancer melanoma of the skin. When I heard about the charity DEBRA, it really struck a chord with me.

“I wanted to raise money for the charity and help people with EB who may also be facing cancer caused by their skin condition, so I decided to do a ‘wall sit’ or ‘Samson’s chair’, as it is sometimes known. My dad is doing well now – he was given the all-clear last year.

“My mum and dad came along to support me during the challenge at Eastwood Park.”

Mr Cannon has set impressive records for strength and endurance, including a three-hour half marathon with a 22kg rucksack, while raising money for charity.

He added: “The support from everyone has been great.”

Venue assistant Zoe McFarlane said: “Everyone was talking about William’s charity challenge. He did so well and we’re all so impressed.”

Jaye Hamilton, regional fundraising manager for DEBRA, added: “We are so grateful for William’s time, talents and willingness to fight EB.”