VILLAGERS are calling for urgent repairs to be made on the main road through Uplawmoor.

The road connecting Uplawmoor and Neilston has fallen into disrepair, causing it to ‘slowly sink’ and ‘misshape’.

And the village’s community council is calling for it to be fixed.

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesman confirmed inspectors had been out to check a problem pothole on a ‘dangerous blind bend’ and the work has been completed on this.

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But Ross Leggat, Uplawmoor Community Council’s secretary, said the majority of the village’s main road still has potholes which need to be addressed.

He explained: “The pothole going out of Uplawmoor was a pothole that was an issue.

“They have patched it, and credit is due where credit is due, but the rest of the main road has a lot of potholes.

“We are still trying to pursue them with the whole road and we are also targeting all the roads in general now because, when the A736 is shut, all the traffic gets diverted through the village and the patches they have done are really not of brilliant quality.

“Another thing we are also trying to target is the potholes through the woods towards Neilston. The road is actually sinking. You can see the stretch marks on the tarmac.”

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Paul Masterton MP added local roads are in ‘desperate need’ of investment.

He said: “The state of some of the potholes in Uplawmoor really has to be seen to be believed, and the Community Council is quite right to demand the council take some proper long-term action.

“We desperately need serious investment in local roads, especially in rural parts of East Renfrewshire.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson, said: “We carry out routine safety inspections of our roads and any safety issues, including potholes, are recorded and repairs scheduled. 

“Our safety inspections are carried out regularly in accordance with our standard procedures. Our maintenance team carried out repair work in Uplawmoor and we encourage all residents to report any other matters through our online form.”