BOSSES at one of Barrhead’s best-known watering holes took to social media to announce its closure, leaving customers stunned.

Last orders were called at The Hurlet Carvery just days after the Barrhead News revealed plans to turn the bar-restaurant into a funeral parlour.

A sign posted outside the once-popular business advises people to contact Tsa Property Consultants if they have an enquiry but, despite numerous attempts by the Barrhead News, the firm could not be contacted yesterday.

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The Hurlet’s own website has also been taken down.

Customers and residents living near the pub are now seeking answers on what the future holds for the site.

As well as the proposals to transform The Hurlet into a funeral parlour, a separate application has been lodged to build a crematorium on adjacent farmland.

David Thomson, 77, has lived across from The Hurlet for 12 years and believes the funeral parlour and crematorium would cause environmental damage and increase traffic on Glasgow Road.

He said: “We got a letter two weeks ago to ask if we wanted to object to these plans and we put in our objections immediately.

“I don’t think turning The Hurlet into a funeral parlour is the best idea. For a start, it will mean a lot of corteges going in and coming out and Glasgow Road is busy at the best of times.”

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Elena Rennie and her husband Graham have lived in the nearby Hurlet Cottages for 20 years and are also opposed to the plans.

“This development will be an eyesore,” said Mrs Rennie. “I know that we all end up in the same place one day but one does not want to be reminded of one’s mortality all the time.”

Mrs Rennie is joining forces with residents in Hurtlet Hill Court and Blair Court to lodge objections.

She added: “We would not object to a nursery or a training centre or anything like that but we don’t want a funeral parlour.”

East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton is keen to work with all parties during the application process.

He said: “A new crematorium at The Hurlet site could allow bereaved families to hold services much closer to home than is possible at the moment. However, it is important that such a significant change in use should not be rushed through. The concerns of local residents should be taken seriously.”