NEILSTON’S new joint school campus should be built on Kingston Park, according to Neilston Development Trust (NDT).

The charity and social enterprise has distributed a paper arguing the case for the location of the new campus, uniting Neilston and St Thomas’ primary schools, to be reopened for discussion and the involvement of consultants Architecture & Design Scotland.

Currently, the campus is expected to occupy the site of Neilston Primary, though some residents have been concerned it is too small.

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According to NDT, its paper “makes the case for an objective assessment of the merits and constraints of Kingston Park as a suitable location for the new joint campus”, adding: “Kingston Park provides all the advantages of the joint campus without the weaknesses.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said the project could not move forward before funding from the Scottish Government was secured, adding: “A statutory consultation in relation to this project showed the majority of respondents were in favour of this development on the site of the current Neilston Primary, and this was agreed by the education committee in October 2018.

“Two current school sites are already in existence and it is the council’s responsibility to renew its assets at the most appropriate location. Kingston Park is a much-loved open space within Neilston and it is not deemed appropriate to consider this for development, given the existence of the current school sites. 

“To consider another potential location could delay the project, as another statutory education consultation would be required.”