BARRHEAD banded together to show support for World Cancer Day.

The annual event unites communities to raise awareness of the disease and the efforts to develop new treatments.

It is also a chance to raise money to support the fight against cancer.

And one of the ways Barrhead residents have been able to back the initiative is by snapping up one of Cancer Research UK’s brightly-coloured ‘unity bands,’ which have been on sale at the town’s Tesco store.

Volunteers were also based at the store on Saturday with buckets to collect donations from generous shoppers.

Louise Gray, who is manager at the Cancer Research UK shop in Clarkston, said the fundraising drive has been a big success.

She added: “Cancer Research teams up with Tesco to collect donations for World Cancer Day.

“We don’t know the total amount raised as yet but people in Barrhead are extremely generous. They were queuing up to put money in our buckets. It was amazing.”

Every hour, around four people in Scotland are diagnosed with cancer.

Wearing a unity band is a way of showing solidarity with people affected by the disease.
The wristband is available in three different colours – navy, blue and pink – and can be worn in memory of a loved one, to celebrate people who have overcome cancer or in support of those going through treatment.

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