A PUPPY meet-and-greet has been set up in an East Renfrewshire village.

Dog lovers in Uplawmoor gathered at Mure Park on Saturday to give their furry friends the chance to socialise.

And organiser Lesley Anderson is now hoping it will become a weekly event.

Barrhead News:

The 54-year-old told the Barrhead News: “We had a number of puppies, as well as other people who were walking their dogs and joined in on the meet. I would say we had three or four adult dogs as well for short periods of time.

“I have got a pup myself – a 13-week-old Labrador – and I have met a couple of other people with puppies.

“I heard that there were quite a number of puppies in the village and thought ‘why don’t we get them all together and get them socialising?’

“We are hoping to do this weekly.

Barrhead News:

“It is very informal. If you can make it, just turn up. It is good for puppies to socialise with older dogs, so anyone who has a playful older dog is more than welcome to come along.

“I’m hoping, if it all goes well, to maybe organise things like short walks where they can all go out together.”

Pooches of all shapes and sizes attended the event, including labradors, collies and cockapoos.

Barrhead News:

Lesley was praised for her idea, with the expectation of more four-legged friends coming back to the sessions.

Mary Bruce said: “It was great to see all the dogs together and getting along. I will hopefully see you all again.”

Winnie Wengel added: “It was a great first puppy play date,” indicating that she will be returning to the next meet.

Studies have shown that introducing young puppies and dogs to others increases their social skills with both humans and animals.

The Kennel Club states: “Like human children, puppies are not born with the social skills that they require to live with their family, be that a canine family or a human one.

“Socialisation involves having pleasant interactions with adults, children, vets, adult dogs and other animals, as well as careful exposure to different situations in the environment like traffic, crowds, travelling in the car, vacuum cleaners and any sights and sounds it will have to cope with in life.

“It is so important that this is done thoroughly and correctly when your puppy is still young.”