THE wife of Barrhead’s MP has rushed to his defence after he suffered an “utterly disgraceful” attack on social media.

Paul Masterton came under fire after posting a message to highlight a campaign against cyber-bullying following the tragic death of 13-year-old Neilston boy Ben McKenzie.

Earlier this week, the East Renfrewshire MP asked the Leader of the House for a debate about cyber-bulling, leading to him and Dame Esther Rantzen taking forward a number of questions related to the issue.

However, Barrhead woman Sharon Cassidy-Melvin responded by suggesting the Tory MP might “need a touch” of cyber-bullying himself.

Barrhead News:

Referring to Brexit in her comment beneath the MP’s post on cyber-bullying, she wrote: “Maybe you need a touch of that because your constituents don’t want this.”

Ms Cassidy-Melvin said she was surprised when, a short time later, she received a private message from Mr Masterton’s wife, Heather, pleading for her to “think” before posting comments.

Mrs Masterton wrote: “Please, please think before you comment and wish cyber-bullying on someone who is discussing a 13-year-old boy taking his own life.

“This person has a family who can see these comments and are truly hurt and offended by them.”

Barrhead News:

Ms Cassidy-Melvin then shared Mrs Masterton’s message online, calling it “cheeky.”

She also defended her own comments, saying: “My comments were the same as everyone else’s.

“He’s got a job to do and, in my eyes, he’s not listening to the people of East Renfrewshire.”

Mr Masterton declined to comment on the issue.

However, a spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives hit out at the abuse aimed at the MP.

He added: “The original comments made by the complainer in relation to the suicide of a child were utterly disgraceful.

“She has since deleted them, which suggests she now realises this, and it’s surprising she would wish to draw attention to them again in this way.”

Mr Masterton has faced a storm of online criticism in the past week after declaring his support for Theresa May’s Brexit deal ahead of a Commons vote last night.

Facebook users on his own page have branded him a “wage stealing thief”, a “Tory scumbag,” a “Tory plonker” and other derogatory terms.