EAST Renfrewshire’s MP will have his say on the proposed exit agreement from the European Union on Tuesday.

Following the historic vote in 2016 - when 52 per cent of Brits voted to leave - the government has long been involved in discussion over when and how the country will leave.

When the House of Commons meet tomorrow, Paul Masterton MP - who says he voted to remain as part of the European Union - will cast his vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal.

Here is the Barrhead News' handy guide on what Mr Masterton has said in the run up to the vote and how we think he’ll vote.

What has he said? 

Just last week, he spoke out saying that he believes that Mrs May has “reached the best deal that could have been achieved”, adding the deal is a “compromise” but not the deal he wanted.

Paul Masterton says he will back the deal for the people of East Renfrewshire 

He said: “I come back to the fundamental point that it is a risk to vote down the deal in the hope that something better will materialise. My inbox is full of emails from constituents asking me to vote down the deal but in order to get a range of different outcomes, and they cannot all get what they want.

“I have to make this call in the interests of the 90,000 people of East Renfrewshire, where there are wildly different views and personal circumstances. Many of my constituents simply cannot afford for this not to work out.

Barrhead News:

“If I were to vote against the deal, and if no other magical solution arrived and we crashed out in March, I would feel wholly responsible for the economic impact on families and communities in my constituency that would result."

Barrhead News:

How has he voted recently? 

Wednesday January 9 

Business of the House (Section 13(1)(B) of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018) (No. 2)

A majority of MPs voted to say that a Minister must table a motion within three sitting days considering the process of exiting the European Union, if the Meaningful Vote is voted down.

Paul was one of 297 MPs to vote against this. 

Tuesday January 8 

Finance (No. 3) Bill — Review of effects on measures in Act of certain changes in migration levels

A majority of MPs agreed and voted against requiring a review of effects on measures in the Bill of certain changes in migration levels.

Paul was one of them. 

So, how will he vote? 

In last week's debate, Mr Masterton made his position clear.

He said: “I fully appreciate the range of views across the House, but I do not personally feel that I could be complicit in that outcome, and I will therefore support the deal on Tuesday." 

Likeliness to vote against the deal: 1/10