Other Barrhead businesses are being directly affected by the loss of post office services, according to East Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce. 

John F. Hamilton, the Chamber’s past president, said he is concerned that the lack of post office facilities, combined with a reduction in banking services in the area, will have a serious knock-on effect for local businesses which rely on access to these.

He told the Barrhead News: “The business community are disappointed at the loss of post office services, especially on Barrhead’s Main Street.

“Many businesses are dependent on the post office facility to allow them to supplement the shortage of banking facilities in the area.

“The local community are once again suffering the result of austerity as many businesses continue to find their place in a challenging environment.”

Mr Hamilton added: “It is now no longer a simple task to obtain change and to do a simple banking task – and this takes time away that small businesses struggle to accommodate.”