UPDATE: Unfortunately Beau's body was found at the weekend in a shallow ditch near to the train tracks. Those involved in the search have thanked everyone who came to their aid.

A desperate search has been launched to help trace a dog who went missing whilst out on a walk in Neilston. 

The Jack Russel, who is deaf and partially blind was being walked by his dog walkers in the field at Fereneze Road, Neilston at 11am on Monday, November 19 when he went missing.

Two other dog's who were being walked alongside Beau, ran off towards the end of the walk and during this time Beau disappeared.

His walkers searched the entire field but there was no sign of the terrier.

In a bid to trace the 16-year-old pooch, several groups have been scouting the area and co-ordinated search parties are taking place each day from the Neilston view car park near to where Beau disappeared from. 

Desperate search for deaf and blind dog who went missing on walk in NeilstonSearches have been taking place from Neilston view car park (Google Maps)

Anna Taylor is part of the group searching for the little dog who belongs to an absolutely devastated 80-year-old woman.

She told Barrhead News: "Beau is not the kind of dog to run off the track, he trundles along and usually trails behind the other dogs. 

"Since he went missing, there have been no sightings or even a trace of him and we have done everything we can to spread the word. There are posters up everywhere, we have been using heated cameras and sniffer dogs. 

"He has bells on his collar so people have been listening out for anything that might sound like it's him. People have even been parked up at the field overnight incase he appears."

Beau's dog walkers at Taylor Made Activities are offering a £500 reward for his safe return and those searching are reminding anyone who wants to join the search that Beau may be scared and caution should also be taken if he is spotted. 

"Ultimately, the main goal is to trace Beau and get him back to his owner," Anna continued. "Not knowing is the worst part."

If you would like to help join the search for Beau there is a dedicated Facebook page called Search for Beau or if you spot the dog call 0782 439 7728.