CAMPAIGNERS opposed to a bid to build more than 100 homes on greenspace in Neilston have met with politicians to express their concerns.

Dawn Homes submitted a pre-application notice back in April proposing the construction of around 110 houses, to be built over 23 acres of fields.

Since then, a number of local residents have formed a protest group to protect the greenbelt land, which they say is well-used and much-loved within the community.

Campaigners have now started knocking on doors to distribute leaflets and collect signatures for a petition against any development of the land at Kirkton Road.

Renfrewshire South MSP Tom Arthur, who is backing the campaign, joined residents to drum up more support on the doorsteps.

The SNP man said: “This community campaign highlights the unique position of the site and those involved have worked hard to engage locals and put forward their concerns clearly.

“I will always work to make sure that the voices of my constituents are heard and I was pleased to be able to join in and learn more about the campaign.

“Neilston is rightly recognised as one of the best places to live in Scotland. Any decision about development within Neilston must take on board the feelings of local residents.”

Campaigners also met with East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton as they attempted to garner his support for their cause.

Mr Masterton, who represents the Scottish Conservatives, said: “Having met with campaigners, it is clear how unhappy they are with the possibility of seeing this space lost to development.

“They have set out a number of concerns and those around infrastructure and biodiversity in particular are ones which merit proper consideration by East Renfrewshire Council as this makes its way through the planning process.”

Campaigner Rachel Ferguson said people she has spoken to in the community are overwhelmingly opposed to the development, with 400 signed letters of opposition collected so far.

She added: “We are not against all development. Quality development is that which doesn’t undermine the very reasons people want to live here.

“Unlike many other developments in Neilston and surrounding areas that residents might be familiar with, like that on Neilston Road for 140 houses, this proposed development is not in line with council policy.

“It is not required to meet housing stock demands or affordable housing needs in the local authority area in general or Neilston more specifically.”

A full planning application for the proposed Dawn Homes development is yet to be submitted to East Renfrewshire Council.