BARRHEAD had a special visit from a rapping robot 15 years ago as pupils were taught to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Cycler the robot visited Neilston, Springhill, St John’s and Uplawmoor primaries as part of a national tour to get schools to think green. 

His rap got everyone singing from the same song-sheet to tackle Scotland’s poor environmental record. 

Funded by national charity Waste Watch, robot operator David Taggart and Cycler helped promote care of the environment. 

David said: “It’s making the problem more aware and the children are the future adult population so we are trying to get the message across to children to take home and get more people to recycle.” 

Cycler added: “Reduce, reduce, got to reduce. Reuse, reuse, got to reuse. Re-re-recycle, got to recycle!”