The former owners of The Gym forgot to take one vital piece of equipment with them when they packed up in 2008 - an army tank. 

The personnel armoured vehicle had been abounded in the car park at the rear of the gym since it closed its doors earlier that summer. 

Mystery surrounded the closure of the gym which was viewed by many as a vital part of the town’s growth. 

The building had been lying empty for a month and locals had been left wondering when owner Mrs Robertson would show up to remove the tank. 

One source said: “The Gym is up for sale so the new owner will get to buy the tank as well. 

“The tank is an eyesore and I know that Mrs Robertson was a army guy so maybe he’s planning to sell it on.” 

“No-one has seen the owners and the rumour around town is that the business was struggling to make any money. 

“It came as a bit of a surprise that they shut-up but I heard that they were struggling to compete with Barrhead Sports Centre which is a lot cheaper. 

“It could be because The Gym is on Cross Arthurlie Street and there is trouble in the street every weekend. Most decent folk just try and avoid the area now.” 

The Gym is built on the site of the former notorious Barrhead Hotel, which was once used by local gangsters to organise drug deals but was closed down.