Young people across Scotland are being encouraged to consider turning to a life in the church, by the area’s leading Catholic. 

Bishop John Keenan, who leads the Catholic Church across East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire, has called on students to not be “mesmerised by secular culture” and to consider life in the cloister. 

His stance comes during the Catholic Church’s Vocations Week, in which young people are encouraged to learn about the religious lives of six very different people - including Mother Theresa. 

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Bishop Keenan, president of priests for Scotland, said: “As our young people return to school a year older their thoughts turn to what lies ahead of them as adults, in terms of careers and relationships and lifestyles.

“In thinking of these things they are easily mesmerised by a secular culture that promises them the dream job, the ideal partner and the celebrity circuit. 

“It is good for our young people to realise that God already has a dream for each one of them, that putting their lives into His hands, following His example of asking what you can give to the world rather than what you can get from it, is the only way to real peace and joy.”

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Father John Morrison, assistant director of priests for Scotland, added that it was a “great opportunity” to engage with the lives of inspiring figures.