A BUS driver faces being sacked by Glasgow City Council after pulling over a coach load of Celtic fans to attack a rival motorist.

Owen McIntosh, 47, attacked banker Kevin Wall, 47, in front of his wife in a road rage incident when he was driving supporters home from a match.

Perth Sheriff Court was told on Wednesday that the assault conviction was likely to lead to his dismissal from his job driving vulnerable people for the local authority.

Solicitor Jamie Baxter, defending, said: "He has held employment with Glasgow City Council as a driver for children with special needs for 19 years.

"As a consequence of this it is likely that his job will be terminated. He is already suspended and subject to an ongoing investigation."

Sheriff Gillian Wade, who found McIntosh guilty of assault after a trial, fined him £750.

She told him: "It was a most unfortunate incident to have taken place and you are now suffering the consequences of having a conviction for assault on your record.

"This will be very much felt by yourself. It is important you put this behind you."

McIntosh was driving a coach full of Celtic fans which crashed into a car in a road rage incident on the A9. He then parked and got out to punch Mr Wall, from Uphall, in the face.

Mr Wall told the court: "My wife Alexa was asleep. The bus sped up as I was braking. The chevrons were coming up and the lanes were merging.

"The bus was driving right behind me. I saw him gesticulating at me. I thought it was some sort of road rage about something.

"He was hooting his horn and flashing his lights and my wife woke up. I thought I should slow down in case anything happened.

"I was frightened. My wife was frightened."

He said the bus pulled out into the oncoming carriageway to overtake but cars appeared travelling towards them and McIntosh swerved the football coach back in.

"The bus pulled over and hit the rear of my car. I was trying to keep the car straight on the road. The car bounced. I felt it shudder.

"It was quite clear we had been hit at about 50 miles per hour. My hands were shaking," Mr Wall said.

He pulled into a layby and was followed in by the bus full of Celtic fans returning from their match against Ross County in Dingwall.

As the supporters got out and urinated, McIntosh stormed past Mrs Wall and punched her husband in the face and knocked off his glasses.

Mr Wall said: "I looked up to see the bus driver standing over me. There was a look of anger and the fist came down like a hammer. I saw his raised fist above me and he banged it down on my temple.

"I hammered backwards into the car. I saw a white light. After a second or two I came too with my wife screaming.

"I had a lump on the side of my head which the policeman described as the size of a small egg. I don't think I could believe it."

Mr Wall said he told McIntosh he was calling the police and that prompted him to usher the fans back into the bus and drive off.

McIntosh, Stewart Crescent, Barrhead, was found guilty of assaulting Mr Wall on the A9 by punching him on the head to his injury on 16 April 2017.

He was acquitted on a second charge of driving dangerously by overtaking when it was unsafe to so and colliding with the rear of Mr Wall's car.

A council spokesman said: "We would not comment on individual employment matters."