AN East Renfrewshire politician has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament after attending a Merchant Navy Day celebration. 

Jackson Carlaw was one of many veterans and public figures who attended a flag-raising ceremony at East Renfrewshire Council headquarters to commemorate the event.

After observing the raising of the Red Ensign Mr Carlaw spoke to Second World War veterans and young recruits and he has now asked for recognition of the event in Holyrood. 

He is now calling for official recognition for September 3 as Merchant Navy Day.

The Eastwood MSP said: “It is always a pleasure to attend events such as this in support of our Merchant Navy when they did so much for our island nation during the darkest days of the second war and beyond.

“Many veterans were present at the council’s flag-raising ceremony and their stories of their service remain important to those today who have no real memory of that conflict. 

“One gentleman played a part in the sinking of the Bismarck and another veteran had just received his Arctic medal having completed the Murmansk Run three times in 1943.

“It is absolutely right and necessary that we continue to remember the efforts and sacrifices of those who fought to keep our country free. We must never forget.”

September 3 has huge historical significance as it marks the day the United Kingdom entered the Second World War in 1939.

September 3 is also the date Britain suffered its first major maritime casualty of the conflict after the sinking of the merchant ship SS Athenia, with the loss of 128 lives just hours into the war.