A ROW over substandard topsoil on an East Renfrewshire school project looks set to be resolved.

Developers CALA Homes and Taylor Wimpey have confirmed they are working with council chiefs to come to an agreement over the Maidenhill Primary deal without the need for formal action.

The housebuilders had agreed to provide topsoil for the school, in Newton Mearns, from a neighbouring development to help save the local authority money on transportation costs.

But the council was then forced to shell out £67,000 to remove the topsoil after tests found it to be substandard.

A report into the deal revealed that the developers had agreed to take some of the material back and confirmed the council was attempting to recover the cost of removal.

But in a joint statement on behalf of East Renfrewshire Council, CALA Homes and Taylor Wimpey, a spokesman said: “East Renfrewshire Council, CALA Homes and Taylor Wimpey continue to work positively together to deliver this key development. Claims of this nature are normal process on large-scale developments such as this and it should not be assumed they will result in formal action.

“We look forward to continuing this partnership as we deliver this new school.”

Council leader Tony Buchanan and deputy leader Paul O’Kane had to give urgent approval for the £67,000 to be spent removing the topsoil to avoid building work being suspended.

At a meeting of the council’s cabinet, Mr Buchanan said: “It’s only right that we say that the quality of the topsoil should have been right in the first instance.

“The issue is still there that this is a contractual agreement which should be upheld and hopefully we’ll have a result on that.”

Councillor Caroline Bamforth called on the developers to fulfil their contractual agreement.

And speaking about the £67,000 payment, Councillor Danny Devlin added: “It seems a lot of money for topsoil. You’d be cheaper buying 40 horses and doing it naturally.”

The Maidenhill Primary project is expected to cost £15.3million.

The neighbouring Maidenhill housing development will see 106 detached homes being built.