NURSERY staff at Arthurlie Family Centre in Barrhead received an education on the safety of sleeping infants last week, at a class aimed at reducing sudden and unexpected death.

As well as supporting families affected by the sudden death of an infant or child of pre-school age, the Scottish Cot Death Trust delivers free “safe sleep” education sessions to healthcare and childcare professionals around Scotland.

The Trust has existed for nearly 35 years and, in that time, instances of cot death have drastically reduced. However, a baby still dies suddenly and unexpectedly every nine days in Scotland, which is why the work continues to be so important.

The session delivered to nursery staff and others at Arthurlie Family Centre last Wednesday included a range of advice about reducing the risks of sudden death, with messages expanding on traditional campaigns to include information on safe sleeping spaces, car seats, and temperature.

A total of 36 certificates were issued to participants at the class, which was delivered by volunteer Elizabeth Miller, who has been involved with the Trust for over 25 years.

Ms Miller said: “I think it’s a brilliant nursery and everyone who attended, including the management, was really engaged and receptive to our message.”