A BARRHEAD girl was crowned the top computer whizzkid in Scotland this week back in 2003.
Fifteen years ago, Lynne Dallachy, of Grampian Way, got the highest marks for her Advanced Computer Science Higher exam out of all the girls in the country who entered.
The 17 year-old added this A grade to four others, and she gained eight ‘1’ grades in her Standard exams.
Now getting ready to follow her dream of becoming a doctor, Lynne was excited about taking up a place at medical school in Edinburgh in October.
She told the News: “I was very, very shocked - I was not expecting to do well. I was the only girl in my class and I would like to do some computing with the medicine.
“I cannot wait for university. I think it’s exciting to meet people and have a new place to explore.”
Proud mum Mary said: “I am happy for her. Oddly enough she didn’t work as hard for this as much as her group of highers. She was much too busy with medical interviews and open days.
 “We were really quite gobsmacked.”
Lynne sat her exams at Glasgow Academy and was subsequently invited to attend a special presentation in Edinburgh.
And the Barrhead News speculated there had to be something in the genes, because the previous year her brother Fraser, 18, got identical results in his Highers and Standard grades.