THE war memorial at Bourock Parish Church is to be rededicated in a special ceremony this weekend, after being completely refurbished.

The memorial, constructed out of pink Corrennie granite, was erected in 1920 to commemorate the 49 members of the church and parish who died in WWI and whose names are also recorded on the Roll of Honour at the rear of the church. 

The church's communion table was dedicated on the same day and in the late 1940s, the names of the 16 members killed in WWII were added to the memorial.

With 2018 marking the centenary of the end of WWI, the Kirk Session of Bourock Parish Church decided this would be a fitting time to restore and rededicate the memorial.

Over the spring and summer, work was carried out to completely refurbish it, revealing the original pink colour of the granite and ensuring the names are now easily read.

The work was made possible with the assistance of a sizeable grant from the Centenary Memorials Restoration Fund.

Director of the War Memorials Trust, Frances Moreton, said: "War memorials are a tangible connection to our shared past creating a link between the fallen and today.

"It is vital we ensure all our war memorials are in the best possible condition for their age and the charity is delighted to support this project."

This Sunday's service at Bourock Parish Church, led by Rev Pamela Gordon, will commemorate the refurbishment with a rededication ceremony including elements from the original service of dedication in 1920.

Following the regular worship at 11am, and weather permitting, the congregation will assemble at the memorial outside for a brief ceremony which will include the reading of the names inscribed. All are welcome to attend.