COUNCIL chiefs are trying to reassure parents amid concerns about fire safety at Barrhead High School.

Conservative politicians sounded the alarm after the first fire safety assessment at the new building found there to be a “medium” risk.

The finding, published in a report that went before last week’s Education Committee, was made despite new-builds being expected to have the lowest level of risk.

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Councillor Gordon Wallace, the Conservatives’ education spokesman in East Renfrewshire, and West Scotland MSP Maurice Golden called for an inquiry to address any potential risk to pupils.

Mr Golden said: “I believe there must be an inquiry as to why this new build has not achieved a low risk fire safety rating, as parents, staff and pupils deserve transparency on this matter.”

Cllr Wallace said: “Serious blunders were made over the siting of the new Barrhead High School in the first place and this raises yet more doubts over how this project has been carried out.”

However, the council put the “medium” finding down to the timing of the inspection, which took place during the move to the new building, offering assurances future assessments would record a “low” risk.

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A council spokesperson said: “We take the safety of our pupils and staff extremely seriously and the new Barrhead High building absolutely meets all fire safety regulations, as was explained to councillors at last week’s Education Committee. 

“At the time the initial risk assessment was carried out it was during the move from the old building.

“A follow-up assessment reduced the risk to medium and, since then, recommendations have been actioned and we are confident that, as a result, the risk level has now been reduced to low.”