CONCERNED residents have launched a bid to prevent more than 100 homes being built on a much-loved field in Neilston.

An online petition and Facebook page has been set up by the campaign group, which is protesting against proposals for a housing development on greenbelt land adjacent to Kirkton Road.

Dawn Homes submitted a pre-application notice back in April proposing the construction of around 110 houses, built over 23 acres of fields.

However, some residents argue that the proposal would “destroy a free, beautiful and safe public space” and create “really significant” traffic problems.

Rachel Ferguson, 24, of Craighall Quadrant, is among those who are determined to halt the development.

She said: “This area is very popular for dog walking and also for horse-riding.

“Kids use it for sledging during the winter and tree swings in the summer. There’s a hub of important wildlife that we want to protect, with buzzards, deer, bats and some beautiful plant species.

“It’s an absolutely lovely field and so well used and I would be heartbroken if someone built on it. There’s a reason people choose to live in Neilston and, by building on greenbelt land like this, we’re losing what makes the village special.”

Due to planning regulations, Dawn Homes isn’t allowed to submit a full planning application before next week at the earliest.

The site has also been suggested as a possible location for Neilston’s proposed joint school campus – a plan that would require a land swap between Dawn Homes and East Renfrewshire Council.

Rachel said the campaign against any development on the field has been launched now to ensure it reaches as many people as possible.

She added: “I hope that, if we can make people aware about the plans and get them interested, then this could be stopped.

“A lot of people don’t know about it and I don’t blame them because the whole planning process is exhausting.

“It’s only when the punch is threatened that you flinch and I don’t think that’s the best way to act.

“Ultimately, it’s an issue for the local council to decide but I think that, if enough people support us, the council will have to listen.”

The campaign is online at and the petition can be found under ‘Stop the Kirkton Road Development Completely’ at