A MAN with a brain disorder that sees him spend hundreds of pounds on “useless” shopping while he’s asleep has told how he is feeling much more positive after making his condition public.

Mark Doyle, of McDonald Place, Neilston, made headlines across the country last week after speaking to the Barrhead News about his struggle with narcolepsy.

The rare condition causes him to fall asleep without warning but he continues to carry out simple actions like cooking and shopping without his knowledge.

Mark, 46, had kept his illness private for most of his life but spoke exclusively to the Barrhead News after staff at the town’s Savers store refused to let him return £80 worth of unwanted items he had bought in his sleep.

Savers has now agreed to provide a refund to Mark “at his earliest convenience.”

However, Mark is more concerned with raising awareness of his condition.

He said: “I’m not doing this for the money. That’s what it was about at the start but now it’s just about getting the message out there.

“I have realised the important thing is to let people know that this illness exists and people like me are living with it.

“The national papers picked up the story after it was in the Barrhead News and the BBC asked me to go on the radio.

“I don’t mind doing it but I don’t want people to think I’m actually gaining out of it. I don’t want a penny from anyone.”

According to experts, narcolepsy affects approximately 30,000 people in the UK and Mark’s symptoms are not uncommon.

He hopes that, by telling his story, he can raise awareness of the illness and its effects.

“My family was surprised I came out with it,” said Mark. “They’ve known about it but I’ve always kept it a secret from other people.

“Each time I’ve thought about going public, I’ve got cold feet and not followed through.

“I’ve tried to deny it all my life but I can’t anymore. I can’t keep it secret. It’s about time I let people know, for my own safety as much as anything else. I’m not making excuses anymore.

“This illness has caused me depression and made me question if life was worth it but I feel very positive right now.

“I feel I have a purpose, which is to get the message out that people do suffer with this and this is how bad it gets.”