On the show last week, while I was live on air, I was suddenly hit with a thought...if there was a zombie apocalypse, what would I do?

Before you dismiss the idea of said apocalypse ever taking place, be aware that the subject is serious enough to merit investigation by physics students at Leicester University.

They looked into the matter and came up with the worrying conclusion that, if an infectious ‘zombie virus’ were to strike, humans would be outnumbered a million-to-one in as little as 100 days.

Let’s walk through this logically. The Pulse FM station is on top of a hill, so I think I’d pretty much be out the way of the worst of it.

The downside to this? There is absolutely no food at the station.

Okay, there’s some biscuits and a jar of tikka masala sauce I bought a few years ago.

However, I’d have to hope that, after everything had died down (no pun intended), it would be safe for me to venture into town to forage for some supplies.

Another factor to take into consideration is that there is a school next door that may end up being a meeting point for survivors.

There’s also the question of what I should do to keep things running at the station.

Do I broadcast and keep people up to date (potentially making myself a target for marauding zombies in the process) or do I just switch everything off?

Would I even have a power supply to allow me to broadcast?

And what would I do if some of the undead managed to stumble their way into the station?

The answer to that, my dear readers, will be revealed in next week’s column...assuming, of course, the zombie apocalypse doesn’t actually arrive before then.

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