Last week was a heck of a week for me.

I’m talking about the kind of week that pretends everything is cool but then, out of nowhere at all, turns around and punches your teeth down your throat.

And I’m quite partial to my teeth. Pretty attached to them. Have been for a while.

I’m not sure what to highlight as the most upsetting aspect of last week. Donald Trump’s latest ramblings on his controversial policies over migrants, perhaps?

Anyway, the good news is that, while last week was bad, it is now over. Done. Expired. Ceased to be. It is a former week.

Of course, it could just be luring me into a false sense of security until next week brings even more vile, completely unimaginable news.

Sometimes it’s very easy to get trapped in the past and to keep looking back.

Most people will tell you not to do that – but you’ll get different advice from me.

If being trapped in the past is where you are comfortable, then just go for it.

“But Peter,” I hear you say, “life has to keep moving forward.” Well, technically ‘yes’ but also ‘no.’

People will argue that time has to keep moving forward and that there’s nothing we can do to stop that but perhaps we should bear in mind that giraffes have no concept of time. Neither do llamas or otters. When it’s light, they wake up, when it’s dark, they sleep. Except for owls, of course, but we all know they’re weird.

The point is that we all have different ways of coping. Your way is different from my way and my way is different from your friend’s way and so on.

What it comes down to is can only do what feels right for you.

Each of us must find a way to process what is happening in the world and in our own life.

If you manage to find a way to do that, do me a favour and let me know your secret.

I still haven’t managed to work it out...

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