BIRDS roosting under a Barrhead bridge are driving residents doo-lally as their mess blights the roads and pavements below. 

The underneath of the bridge on Paisley Raod, at Barrhead railway station, is currently home to dozens of the creatures, whose droppings have been falling on cars and the street below. 

Piles of pigeon waste as thick as three inches deep have gathered at the side of the paths underneath the bridge, with locals claiming that they had to “run a gauntlet” if using the station.

Alan Patton, a Barrhead resident who lives yards from the station and is a regular rail user, says that he is disgusted by the mess. 

He said: “Having done the bridge up at great expense in recent years it has only got worse since it reopened. 

“The piles of droppings are huge on both sides of the road and they are an inconvenience for pedestrians on both sides. 

“I have also been hit in my car and it costs a great deal to get this cleaned. 

“There is a school a short walk away and children walk under here on a daily basis, so surely this mess is a health hazard for them?

“As far as pedestrians are concerned it is no fun. This is a disgrace around the station.”

Despite efforts by both Network Rail and East Renfrewshire Council to deter the birds, the pigeons continue to return. 

A net was installed in 2017 to stop the birds roosting on the underside of the structure but the creatures continue to find a way in. 

Alan argues that the situation is worse now than before. 

He added: “The net was put up to stop them getting back in but they have just come back. 

“They even have something to perch on now. It looks very comfortable for them.”

The disgruntled resident is now calling for new netting to be installed to stop the situation from worsening. 

Since the issue was first raised the streets around the stations have been cleaned by the council, but Mr Patton claims that unless the underlying issue is resolved, the problems will continue. 

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Our teams carry out cleaning operations at this location several times a year, and this area has now been cleared. 

“We also continue to work closely with colleagues at Network Rail to try to find a solution to this ongoing issue.”

Network Rail were approached for comment but did not respond.