A QUIET East Renfrewshire village has been thrown a lifeline in its battle to halt plans for Glasgow Airport’s busiest flightpath to be moved overhead.

Residents of Uplawmoor have been opposing plans for the route to go immediately over the village – and a change in consultation guidelines may have provided a boost.

Airport bosses announced they had been informed of changes to the process that their proposals will be assessed on.

Instead of the previous CAP 725 guidelines which the airport were using, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has now instructed that the new CAP 1616 criteria be used instead.

Villagers hope the more stringent standards give them a fighting chance of keeping the proposed flightpath away from their homes.

Uplawmoor resident Stuart Wilson said: “We had challenged the airport on why they were still following CAP725 and they told us they had taken legal advice and were confident that sticking with 725 was appropriate.

“It’s a real relief to hear they’ve been told to change to the most up-to-date rules, as the new guidelines make the priorities of those living in the community much more.”

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Airport representatives have stressed they do not yet know what impact the changes will have on the flightpath process and that much of the work already carried out will remain relevant going forward.

One significant change is the opportunity for community stakeholders and those affected to directly speak to decision makers at the CAA as part of stage five of the consultation.

A CAA spokesperson said: “Earlier this year, we introduced a new airspace change process which ensures greater transparency, community engagement and analysis for proposals to change the design of UK airspace.

“For Glasgow Airport, this means their proposal will be assessed against the criteria of the new airspace change process.”

With the initial public consultation set to close this Friday, protestors are now staging a final push to have their voices heard.

As well as individual responses from those living in and around the village, locals have organised drop-ins and a door-to-door survey.

Residents are optimistic they will be able to garner opinions from almost every person living in Uplawmoor’s 250 households, as well as the 100 or so on the village’s periphery.

The case is supported by Renfrewshire South MSP Tom Arthur, who is supporting the village’s attempts to rebuff the proposal.

Mr Arthur said: “My understanding is that the new process has a much greater emphasis on consultation, including the ability to speak on the proposals directly to the CAA decision-maker.

“This will come as welcome news to my constituents in Uplawmoor who wish to have their voices heard.

“I am writing to Glasgow Airport before the consultation closes to pass on all of the feedback I have received and relay concerns.”