Concerns have been raised about the impact changes to Glasgow Airport’s flight paths could have on rural parts of East Renfrewshire.

The area’s MP, Paul Masterton, is among those to ask questions about the future of the airport’s departure and approach routes, which could see low-flying planes over Uplawmoor.

As well as the likely increase in noise levels, the potential for a rise in levels of air pollution are also worrying many residents.

Airport bosses are currently staging a consultation on the proposed changes, with residents urged to have their say before the closing date on Friday, April 13.

Mr Masterton said: “If implemented without change, Uplawmoor would likely face an increase in air and noise pollution far removed from its current rural character.

“This is not to oppose the air change plan itself, which I recognise is required, but the needs and sensitivities of rural communities cannot be cast aside for the sake of convenience.

“I have now written to all residents in Uplawmoor to alert them to these proposed changes and would suggest that anyone concerned should respond to Glasgow Airport before the deadline.”

New flight paths have been drawn up ahead of a move to a satellite-based navigational system which will see the current ground-based network being decommissioned next year.

Uplawmoor residents will be able to find out more about the plans when a meeting is held in the village’s Mure Hall on Monday, starting at 7.30pm.

Mark Johnston, operations director at Glasgow Airport, said: “We are fully committed to growing the airport responsibly and modernising our airspace will help us achieve that.

“It is important to stress we will only make changes to our departure flight paths once we have considered the views of all those who respond to the airspace change consultation.”