Parts of East Renfrewshire have been issued a further warning as the Met Office upgraded the weather situation to 'red'. 

Northern parts of the area will be affected by the latest changes, with the remainder still falling within the amber 'be prepared' zone. 

Met Office chiefs made the decision earlier this morning, warning that people can now expect "roads to become blocked" and "many stranded vehicles and passengers". 

Currently the warning is set to last until 10am on Thursday.

Elsewhere, First Bus are the latest travel company to announce disruption to their services as a result of the snowy conditions. 

In a statement, First Glasgow head of operations, John Gorman, said: "First Glasgow services have been severely disrupted due to the extreme weather effects of the Beast from the East snow storm.

"Main routes continue to be serviced where possible and our drivers are doing their very best to operate despite some buses getting stuck in the snow or moving slowly in very testing road conditions.

"The safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority and any alterations to services will only be made where their safety is potentially compromised.”

This announcement comes after McGills suspended many of their bus links earlier this morning. 

In addition, all council buildings will be closed for the rest of today, but are expected to open at 11am tomorrow. 

Anyone unsure of whether a building is open is advised to contact the council. 

The gritting team will also continue to work during the night targeting priority routes.

A council spokesman said: "Due to the expected severe weather, all council buildings will be closed for the rest of today.

"All our schools will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, March 1.

"Our gritting team will continue to work through the night treating priority routes."