Schools and nurseries in East Renfrewshire are to close tomorrow as preparations for the incoming snow from eastern Europe continue. 

East Renfrewshire Council took the decision on Tuesday afternoon after guidance from the Scottish Government everyone within the current weather warning area said "do not travel". 

The decision includes nurseries and both primary and secondary schools. 

In a statement on their Twitter page, the council said: "Scottish Government advice for tomorrow is: 'Do not travel'.

"As a result all schools in East Renfrewshire will be closed on Wednesday 28th of February.

"We will notify you of plans for Thursday tomorrow, keep an eye on this channel as well as school twitter accounts."

The tweet leaves parents with sixteen hours to arrange childcare for Wednesday, with schools texting parents at 5pm to let them know of closures. 

One parent took to social media to express their feelings at the early decision, calling it "another headache to sort". 

Elsewhere, Allan Gray replied to the council on Twitter, asking: "Will we send the bill for child care arrangements to the council or will it be taken off the council tax?"

However, others have praised the move, commenting that the early warning allows parents time to make arrangements for the school day. 

One Twitter user said: "Fair play getting the announcement out early."

Councillor Angela Convery, whose grandaughter attends Carlibar Primary School, said: "They have obviously not taken this decision lightly. 

"It might not look like much now but safety will absolutely be the council's first priority on this. 

"I imagine that parents will be glad that they know now, it's much better to get the warning than to wake up tomorrow."

With the adverse conditions set to continue later into the week, there is a possibility that school and nursery closures could become extended. 

Giving a forecast for Wednesday and Thursday north of the border, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: "With the snow coming increasingly aligned into bands accompanied by strong winds, there is the risk of blizzards and the risk of really significant snow accumulations building up - 5cm to 10cm (2in-4in) widely (in the amber area) with 15cm to 25cm (6-10in) locally and the potential for the hills to see 40cm (16in) of snowfall building up by the end of Thursday.

"Maximum temperatures on Wednesday will be barely above freezing and adding in that keen easterly wind it will feel more like minus 10C (14F)."

Individual schools and nurseries have also gone online to inform parents, as well as sending texts to them all through a centralised system.