AN energy firm’s bid to operate a Neilston wind turbine for an extra two years has highlighted concerns over noise.

London & Cambridge Energy Limited had previously been given the green light to operate its Nether Carswell turbine until October 2036.

However, the company has now applied to increase the duration of the temporary planning permission to October 2038.

The matter was discussed at a recent meeting of Neilston Community Council, where it was suggested that no extensions for windfarm operations should be approved until East Renfrewshire Council (ERC) has dealt with existing complaints over “excessive” noise caused by turbines.

In the meantime, ERC has received a report carried out by a specialist on noise pollution and is now considering what future steps, if any, are required.

A spokesperson for ERC said: “Each planning application is considered on its own merit and rigorously assessed against the development plan and any material planning consideration.

“The current application is requesting an amendment to the operational duration of the wind turbine, so this is the only condition which can be considered when determining the outcome.

“However, the original permission granted does include a condition relating to noise which must be adhered to.

“We are still considering the next steps to take following an updated version of the report being provided by the independent noise consultant expert, although we are confident of progressing this matter with the turbine operators in the coming months.”

Last month, the Neilston Development Trust sold its 28 per cent stake in the village’s wind farm to The Renewables Infrastructure Group (TRIG).

A spokesperson for TRIG said: “As a responsible wind farm owner, TRIG takes all complaints seriously. Most wind farms have a 25-year planning permission that commences once the site becomes operational but, unusually at Neilston, this 25-year period started on consent.

“Options are being explored to bring the project in line with others operating across the UK."