PAUL Masterton of the Conservatives has been elected to represent East Renfrewshire at Westminster.

The 31-year-old becomes the region's first Tory MP for two decades after taking the seat from previous incumbent Kirsten Oswald of the SNP.

Speaking in the immediate aftermath of his victory at Williamwood High in Clarkston, Mr Masterton insisted East Renfrewshire residents had joined others throughout Scotland in saying they were fed up with not being listened to.

He said: “Tonight right across Scotland people have sent out a clear message that they've had enough.

“They've had enough of not being listened to. They've had enough of being ignored and they've had enough of being told that their voices don't matter.

“Tonight, here in East Renfrewshire, and right across, the Scottish Conservatives have said loud and clear that we've had enough.

“We've waited 20 years to turn East Renfrewshire blue and tonight we've done it and I'm absolutely delighted, so let's get to work.

“I'd like to pay tribute to Kirsten (Oswald) and her team. I know that we don't agree on very much but there's no doubting that serving as MP for East Renfrewshire, you've done that with great diligence and great honour.

“And I'm not underestimating the shoes I have to fill. I'd also like to congratulate both Blair (McDougall) and Aileen (Morton) on a great campaign that was carried out in good spirits with common decency.”

He added: “I'd also like to pay tribute to my immediate team and to absolutely everybody who voted, delivered leaflets, knocked on doors.

“This was an incredible team effort and I am very, very lucky to have been a part of it.”

The final results at the East Renfrewshire General Election count were as follows:

  • Paul Masterton (Con) - 21,496 votes
  • Kirsten Oswald (SNP) - 16,784 votes
  • Blair McDougall (Lab) - 14,346 votes
  • Aileen Morton (Lib Dem) - 1,112 votes

The total number of votes cast was 53,805, while 67 votes were rejected.