A BARRHEAD songwriter is revelling in the glory of his transatlantic band’s debut single.

Aidan Smeaton, 26, forms one half of AIVIS, an indie electronic pop duo who have only met in person on one occasion after meeting online in March 2014.

The former St Luke’s High pupil began working with Ohio-based producer Travis Murphy when the pair started sharing ideas with one another on social media site reddit.

Despite living on different continents, the pair kept in regular contact through the video messaging platform Skype and eventually teamed up last August to film the music video for The Wilderness in Chicago.

Having been viewed more than 5,000 times in little more than a month, the track has caught the attention of electronic pop fans across the world.

Following on from the successful launch, Aidan told The News of AIVIS’ desire to perform in Glasgow later this year.

He said: “Over the last two-and-a-half years we worked on making an album together but we never actually met in person.

“In April last year, we posted one of our tracks online and then a film director from Chicago said that he wanted to film a music video for us.

“It just works. We’ve both always made music on our computers and on our own for years. We used music production software and just got better at it.

“Travis is going to travel over to Scotland and we’ve got another director wanting to produce another video.

“We’ll release a couple of singles and in the spring we’ll release our album.

“We definitely want to do some shows in Glasgow.”

Aidan, who now lives in Paisley, has urged aspiring songwriters and producers not to let geographical boundaries stand in the way of their ambitions.

“Any teenagers who are doing this as a hobby and making music online should never give up,” he said.

“If they are making music in their bedroom they should share it with people online and do something like this because it’s been life-changing for me.”

Click here to watch the video for AIVIS' debut track 'The Wilderness'.