A GLASGOW charity that once helped a Barrhead man find his feet again has asked pop drinkers to stop "being stingy, and give us yer gingies".

Sunnysid3-up in Govan has launched a massive drive to collect as many Barrs glass bottles as possible before the drinks company stops its long running 20p for glass bottle returns scheme at the end of the year.

Christopher Feeney, the founder of the charity and original shop owner, first ran the drive almost 20 years ago.

The cash was used to help Barrhead man and cerebral palsy Gerry Jamieson buy his first electric wheelchair.

However, after Christopher passed away, his brother Paul is now relaunching the fundraiser, and hopes Barrhead residents will dig deep to help the same way they did in 1995.

Paul, 46, said: "My brother died in 2012, and he was incredibly passionate about helping others.

"Sunny-sid3up was founded by Christopher who an ice-cream van driver from Pollok.

"Through his job, Chris discovered his true passion; helping those less fortunate than himself.

"Chris's first project was to purchase a new wheelchair for a cerebral palsy sufferer.

"Using his ice cream van as a mobile hub for his fundraising, Chris collected glass soft drinks bottles, which at the time had a 20 pence bounty.

"Chris involved everyone in his humorously titled 'Don't Be Stingey, Gees Yur Gingies' campaign and successfully reached his desired target."

And the money raised was used to help Gerry, who was just 16 at the time, move from a normal wheelchair to an electric one.

The story was even covered by The News, who helped to publicise the campaign.

The change helped transform Celtic fan Gerry's life, and at the age of 36, he is now able to go to the gym and is more mobile than ever.

And Barrhead residents don't need to make the journey to Govan, as Paul will pick up the bottles for you.

He said: "It's getting close to the time where they won't be handing out money for them anymore, and we really need as many bottles as possible.

"The money will go towards a deserving local charity again, and we are appealing for people to really dig deep, and give us yer empty gingies."

Paul can be contacted by calling 07727 861062 or you can visit the charity shop at 982 Govan Road.