Sam Andrews attacked his pet pooch in the town's Glasgow Road in August 2013.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard he used the animal's metal chain as a weapon to hit the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Scooby.

He also kicked the pet to the ground, stamped on it's back and then sparked a lighter which he held next to the animal's ears.

He admitted his guilt last month and returned to the dock this morning (Tuesday) to be sentenced.

When Sheriff David Pender told Andrews, of Waulkmill Avenue, that he thought prison was the only appropriate sentence for his thuggish actions, Andrews's lip trembled and he shook his head.

He puffed his cheeks and blew out his breath as Sheriff Pender told him he was being locked up for six months.

And he threw his arms up in the air as he was lead down to the cells to begin his sentence.

His actions were in stark contrast to his behaviour in the dock as the video of his unprovoked attack on the dog was played to the court.

He sat stonefaced and stared straight at the floor as the short clip was viewed by Sheriff Pender.

On the footage Andrews could be seen using the dog's metal lead as a weapon to hit the animal.

He landed around 30 blows on the pet after dragging it along the street a short distance.

The 26-year-old then straddled the animal, got a lighter out of his pockets and lit it while holding it next to Scooby's ears.

Andrews kicked the animal to the ground and stamped on it's back before bringing his attack to an end when a female friend, who is though to have gone into a nearby shop, rejoined him.

The attack was captured by a CCTV camera in the town.

Andrews, who was wearing a blue top and black trousers on the night in question, was identified from the footage and officers caught him at his home the following day.

The dog was seized by officers from the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) - who took the dog away - while Andrews was arrested and charged with causing the dog unnecessary suffering.

He held his hands up to his shameful actions last month and sentence was deferred.

When he returned to the dock this morning it emerged that Scooby was slightly underweight when examined.

His lawyer, Michael McKeown, said: "The dog was generally in good health and I don't think there were any other injuries.

"I can't excuse or make better what M'Lord has see on the video."

He said that Andrews "demonstrates remorse for his offence" and added: "He accepts his behaviour on that day was deplorable and accepts responsibility."

The lawyer added that Andrews had been involved in an incident earlier that day and was upset as a result.

He asked Sheriff Pender to impose a Community Payback Order but the sheriff ruled only jail was appropriate.

As he jailed Andrews for six months, he said: "In a way words can't really adequately describe your treatment of this dog.

"For no reason at all you treated the dog in this way."

Andrews was also banned from keeping animals for the next 10 years.

Scooby, who is currently being held in kennels by the SSPCA, is to be given a new home.

Hamish MacKintosh, Scottish SPCA chief inspector said: "This was a sickeningly cruel and deliberate attack against a defenceless dog.

“We welcome the custodial sentence and ban given to Andrews as this sends a clear message that crimes of this nature will not be tolerated and that those involved will be dealt with by the courts.

“Thankfully Scooby recovered from his ordeal and we can now find him a loving new home.”