The second candidate to be announced, Ms Oswald says she will keep her “finger on the pulse”.

The 42-year-old from Clarkston will contend the East Renfrewshire seat in May’s General election.

She believes that by concentrating on major issues in the local area she can win the hearts of voters and end 16 years of the Labour party representing East Renfrewshire in Westminster.

She said: “I am very interested in local issues and I guess that is why I came to be here.

“I am involved in a number of local clubs and groups including fulfilling my role as a Clarkston community councillor.

“I have done a lot of social media stuff locally and have done a lot to help out the local business improvement district in Clarkston.

“I am a big believer in just making things work as well as they can, whether that be sorting something that has been badly placed on a high street or is really making people on the street annoyed, angry and upset.

“Even though I am a relatively new member of the SNP, people already knew who I was and what I was about and that is where discussions started about me maybe doing this.

“I think I can do a good job as the MP for East Renfrewshire and I think being interested in the local area is really important for an MP.” The Clarkston woman lives with her husband and two children after moving from the west end of Glasgow seven years ago.

Currently the head of human resources at South Lanarkshire college in East Kilbride and fulfilling a number of voluntary roles in the community, Mrs Oswald joined the SNP in June.

“I wanted to to get involved in the referendum campaign and it felt best for me to do that as part of the SNP and I have not looked back since then, “ she said. “It has definitely been the right choice for me. I had campaigned for the SNP before but never as a member for family reasons.” On a national scale Ms Oswald believes that the concerns in the community can be linked directly to larger national problems, and cites university and college fees as an example.

She added: “National issues share a link with issues in the community, whether it be someone who is concerned about getting to the hospital for a check-up or a family worrying about how to afford to send their child to college or university, and an MP must balance there issues and their attention on them that is beneficial to the people in their constituency.

“If the MP does not have their finger on the pulse locally then they won’t be able to act in the way that is best for their constituency.”