NEIGHBOURING village residents have hit out at the "gross underestimation" of the effect the Neilston Community Windfarm has had on their lives. Uplawmoor residents, who were consistently opposed to the 4 large turbines in Neilston, are calling for action after claims the windfarm proved more visually intrusive from local homes than early illustrative impressions suggested.

Aileen Jackson, Chairwoman of the Windfarm Protest Group in Uplawmoor, has already taken a petition to the Scottish Public Petitions Committee calling for future wind farm planning applications to notify residential properties if they fall within a distance of ten times the height of a turbine (to blade tip).

The petition was supported unanimously by the Petitions Committee and referred to the Scottish Government and COSLA for their consideration.

Aileen said: "The impact on Uplawmoor, which is the closest community to the wind farm, was grossly underestimated and what we now have in reality bears no resemblance to the prediction.

"Residents would appreciate some form of recompense for the existing turbines, as an offer to become a partner in the proposed extension, which would result in further destruction to our landscape, would be seen as coercion and adds insult to injury. " West of Scotland MSP Jackson Carlaw, has made representations to both Dominic Farrugia, Managing Director of Carbon Free Developments Ltd, the company behind the windfarm, and Nicola Sturgeon MSP, to have the community benefit extended from Neilston to Uplawmoor.

Jackson said: "A 25 year wind farm life span is a long time for hostility between Uplawmoor and Neilston.

"These turbines were to be barely visible from Uplawmoor homes but poor planning now means these towering machines are all you can see. "No one is suggesting that these turbines be torn down. But if they're here to stay, Uplawmoor should gleam some recompense from the community benefit that Neilston will enjoy.

"Everyone hopes the project will be successful, but it doesn't change Uplawmoor being blighted by wind farms that were meant to be subtle and in the background." "Community morale in Uplawmoor is at an all-time low, and I hope Dominic Farrugia and Nicola Sturgeon can offer their support to see this error righted."