As revealed last week council bosses may be set to reveal the exact number of paedophiles living in Barrhead - following pressure from a local group, the East Renfrewshire Tenants and Residents Association.

Do we have a right to know, and if we did what would we do with the information.

There is a fine line here with on the one side the danger of vigilantism, and on the other a parent"s solemn duty to protect their children.

In my opinion we have a right to know if a dangerous predator is living in our midst, and these predators lost any rights that they had the first time that they touched a child.

We have been told this week that Scotland"s prison population is at its highest level ever and that the jails are overcrowded. What is the Scottish Governments answer, don"t jail anyone for committing a crime if the sentence is going to be less than six months, put them back onto the street rather than into jail.

I am sorry but if a Justice of the Peace or a Sheriff who we pay to make decisions about criminals on our behalf says lock them up for four months, then lock them up.

Who are politicians to say just put them back onto my street until they commit more crime, and then get a nine month sentence which will see them released half way through the sentence anyway.

Just build more jails, crime cannot pay and we require some protection.